It is NOT for you if...

- You don't speak any English at ALL

- You are under 18

- You would like to learn all the RULES and grammar before you attempt speaking

- Your main goal is to pass a language test

- You expect a corporate-style strict and structured class

- You believe that fun does not belong in a learning environment

It IS for you if...

- You have a basic understnding of English (pre-entermediate to upper-intermediate levels are ideal)

- You are over 18

- You would like to improve your English by immersing yourself in an English-speaking environment

- Your main goal is to improve your speaking skills

- You enjoy a casual learning environment and a relaxed atmosphere

- You believe that learning should be fun!

Designer English (like designer clothing) is exclusive. It's not for everyone. 

My approach is personal and I select individuals keeping group dynamics in mind.

The groups are kept small and intimate, so space is limited and admission is not guaranteed.


Send me a direct message via VK and let me know:

- What day of the week you would like to attend

- Your English level

- Your intention for joining the speaking club/individual lessons.